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Carlos Huerta Reyes

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The internet has allowed for quicker than ever expansion of ideas. The growth and momentum so big that will kill Tv like it killed radio. The freedom to express yourself and opinions one has created a strong internet culture. It has empowered the voiceless but as time went by this began to change and having…

Artist: Kiyomi Fukui

Artist: Kiyomi Fukui and Amanda KatzExhibition: Tea at 3307Media: Tea mat (gampi paper stained with tea)Gallery: 3307 W Washington BlvdWebsite: kiyomimiz Kiyomi Fukui received an MFA in Printmaking from California State University Long Beach and a BFA in Graphic Design from La Sierra University. The majority of Fukui’s work is print based, she also enjoys creating…

Graffiti Writing

Writing bubble letters was something new hence it could have come out better. Regardless it was fun and is something I would do again. What I did because I did not have any painting materials is that I used my ipad to draw which is easier for me because I am not experienced. By attempting…